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Jessica Electro Synth-pop A dynamic 80ies pop. Perfect for explanation movies and product movies. 114 BPM 2:21 min
Antiblues Rock Fusion A slighlty funky rock fusion with a small ensemble. Perfect for commercials and holiday movies. Has 9 versions. 114 BPM 1:13 min
Setting It Up Rock Fusion A cool rock with solos and change into doubletime. Perfect for cars or montages. 65 BPM 2:05 min
Electro Blues Jazz Blues A very cool blues with a small ensemble. The "beat" is just guitar played percussively. Perfect for bar, clubs or nightlife. 103 BPM 1:57 min
Heistplan Rock Hard rock A driving rock with catchy motifs and solos. Perfect for documentation or corporate movie. Has one version. 140 BPM 2:33 min
Relaxed Reverie Jazz Blues A calm jazz with a very small ensemble. Somehoe funny but still serious. Perfect for kids or documentation. 110 BPM 3:52 min
Funny World Jazz Dixieland A funny short jazz with humorous solo voices. Perfect for a kids show or funny commercials. Has one version. 244 BPM 1:02 min
Rockstock Rock Fusion A cool old-school rock with organ and guitar solos. Perfect for cars, highway and sports. Has one version. 127 BPM 1:21 min
Across The Street Rock Hard rock A short rock piece with guitar and organ solo. Cool and catchy. Perfect for bar scenes or sport. 98 BPM 1:10 min
Chilingeo Electro Electro funk Laid back breakbeat with acoustic guitars, double bass and other playful elements. Perfect for montages, heist movies or explanation films. 92 BPM 1:49 min