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Freaky Nut Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very dynamic orchestral work with a creepy atmospheric beginning and sudden shock that degenerates wildly. Perfect for horror scenes with shock moments. 100 BPM 0:35 min
Come Up Electro IDM A daring electro with a lot of vocal gimmicks. Gets a bit punchier in the bass towards the end. Perfect for streams or web movies. 132 BPM 3:23 min
Schattenherbst Rock Soft rock A very quiet piece with soft undistorted electric guitar. Emits a melancholic peacefulness. Perfect for sad movie scenes or thoughtful documentaries. 120 BPM 4:21 min
Durcheinander Rock Crossover A wild crossover rock with dirty electric guitars and wild sound design. Perfect for extreme sports or unconventional experimental scenes. 190 BPM 2:30 min
Smooth Halloween Electro Hip hop A simple hip hop with a cool halloween touch. Perfect for the halloween and spooky time! Has one version. 89 BPM 2:35 min
Skullcrusher Rock Metal Modern sounding metal with en extremely aggressive tune, which just hits you in the face! Dissonant fooling around in the middle part. Perfect for extreme sports, fighting scenes or a demonic flair. 173 BPM 2:28 min
Kids Halloween Pop Kids A funny piece with ukulele and spooky whistle synth, which sounds like a theremin. Perfect for scary explanation movies, halloween theme and spooky kids parties. Has 9 versions. 95 BPM 2:34 min
Future Bass Fun Electro Future bas An epic future bass with big percussions and a nice beat. Perfect for product movies and sports. 148 BPM 2:16 min
Mastery Electro Synth-pop A dreamy synthpop with a catchy melody. Spherical and cool at once. Perfect for sentimental movie scenes from the 80ths. 127 BPM 3:19 min
Warm Breeze Electro Ambient A forward pushing electro with celestial and bright sound. Perfect for corporate movies. Has one version. 110 BPM 1:21 min
Connections Pop Classical A thoughtful big beat with piano and strings. Spreads hope very well. Perfect for corporate movies and documentations. 68 BPM 4:34 min
Bit Adventure Electro Chiptune A motivated forward pushing electro with a retro sound. Perfect for computer games or technology. Has 4 versions. 120 BPM 2:04 min
Refined Minimalism Electro Hip hop A minimalistic hip hop with mickey mouse rap. Break at the end into another feeling. Perfect for youth. 97 BPM 1:24 min
Nightswing Electro Electro swing A playful electro swing with saxophone and electronic effects. Perfect for party, hope and documentation. 125 BPM 1:57 min
Feel The Drive Electro Synth-pop A catchy electro, which spreads hope and motivation. Perfect for corporate movies or technology. Has 3 versions. 155 BPM 2:42 min