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Be Aware And Calm Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A relaxing hybrid score with spherical strings, beeping synths, warmsynth bass and muted beat. Perfect for space, relaxation or technology. 70 BPM 4:34 min
Crucial Matters Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge and epic orchestral work with gigantic percussion, full choir and rock band. Perfect for trailers or extremely epic movie scenes. 137 BPM 2:54 min
Royal Kings Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A majestic short orchestral piece with a fanfare. Perfect for the royal entrance or a ceremony. 112 BPM 0:18 min
56K 20 Percent Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack With this work I transcribed the old sound of a 56 modem to 20% speed for acoustic instruments. This is an experimental work. Has one version. 120 BPM 1:55 min
Cheap Scare Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short intentionally cheap sounding orchestral horror piece. A forest of shock effects. Perfect for commercials or movie parodies. 110 BPM 0:16 min
Summon The Beast Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A creepy ominous orchestral piece with various shock moments. It advances like a monster. Perfect for horror movies or generally exciting movie scenes. 140 BPM 1:22 min
Trick Or Treat Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A clever orchestral piece with a choir and spooky halloween tunes. With its well thought-out and lovely composition it fits perfect to movies scenes, trailers or as backing music, which has to be dynamic. 135 BPM 2:15 min
Terrifying Plans Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A grim orchestral piece with a sound, which reminds of old mafia movies. Perfect for thrilling movie scenes or as a dark atmosphere. 90 BPM 1:38 min
It Comes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very dynamic orchestral piece with a full ensemble. Almost mystic, yet ominous and epic at the same time. It has a lyrical part towards the end. Perfect for movie scenes and trailers. 108 BPM 2:45 min
End Of Grief Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very emotional calm orchestral piece with a full ensemble. The melancholic breeze is counterbalanced with the optimistic and motivating passages. Perfect for movie scenes, romances or even daring commercials. 96 BPM 2:21 min
Halloween Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral halloween ident with a scary mysterious tune. Perfect for YouTube or other video intros. 94 BPM 0:19 min
Temporal Anomaly Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dark and atonal sounding orchestral piece. A clunky and volatile sound makes the listener uneasy. Perfect for mystery and horror. 162 BPM 3:31 min
Humorous Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short funny orchestral piece. Perfect for a trailer or a comedy. 102 BPM 0:30 min
Uneasy Chase Soundtrack Modern soundtrack An orchestral piece, which makes the listener uneasy. Later comes a driving change. Perfect for horror movies, chasing scenes or suspensful documentations. 104 BPM 2:33 min
Threatening Darkness Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A threatening, dark orchestral piece with many dramatic instrument effects and synthetic elements. Perfect for horror movies, mystery or suspensful documentations. 134 BPM 3:01 min