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Time Passes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A melancholic orchestral piece with acoustic guitar and dynamic emotional climaxes. Perfect for emotional moments, feature films or trailers. 75 BPM 2:31 min
Deduction Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An extremely dynamic orchestral piece that sounds as if composed to a scene. Perfect for trailers, thrilling feature film scenes or exciting documentaries. 90 BPM 3:10 min
Chainsaw Usage Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A fast-paced orchestral piece with chainsaw, electronic beat, screaming brass and driving strings. Perfect for slasher movies or dramatic suspense scenes. 109 BPM 1:54 min
Cyber Issue Electro Cinematic electro A cinematic electro with distorted brass and cool beat. The synth bass leads throughout the piece, there are several varied parts. Perfect for exciting movie scenes or documentaries. 152 BPM 3:11 min
Crucial Matters Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge and epic orchestral work with gigantic percussion, full choir and rock band. Perfect for trailers or extremely epic movie scenes. 137 BPM 2:54 min
Ahead Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A fast-paced orchestral piece with slightly atonal yet dramatic passages. Generally sounds almost like a heroic mission. Perfect for movie scenes and trailers. 122 BPM 2:40 min
Trick Or Treat Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A clever orchestral piece with a choir and spooky halloween tunes. With its well thought-out and lovely composition it fits perfect to movies scenes, trailers or as backing music, which has to be dynamic. 135 BPM 2:15 min
Uplifting Company Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A huge orchestra piece with epic percussion and lyrical horns. Perfect for every elegant and imposing corporate or product movie. Has 4 versions. 98 BPM 2:34 min
Gives Me Creeps Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A short and dark orchestral piece with driving and banging big percussions and an odd time signature. Perfect for movie trailers or chasing movie scenes. 124 BPM 1:12 min
Saving Million Lives Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge orchestral work with full choir that has an epic sound. Perfect for epic trailers or adventurous movie scenes. 113 BPM 2:28 min
Indistinct Motifs Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A gloomy hybrid score with synthetic percussion, synth-bass and mysterious sinfonic melodies. Perfect for crime-scene and investigative journalism. 98 BPM 2:33 min
It Comes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very dynamic orchestral piece with a full ensemble. Almost mystic, yet ominous and epic at the same time. It has a lyrical part towards the end. Perfect for movie scenes and trailers. 108 BPM 2:45 min
Shining Dystopia Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A futuristic hybrid-score with a lot of synthetic sounds, strings and brass. Sounds modern, spherical and at some points quite epic dystopic. Perfect for science-fiction movies and trailers. 96 BPM 3:00 min
Halloween Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral halloween ident with a scary mysterious tune. Perfect for YouTube or other video intros. 94 BPM 0:19 min
Frantic Adventure Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A big orchestra piece, which calls for a fantasy adventure. Driving percussion and fat brass will be balanced with a lyrical string passage in the middle. Perfect for fantasy and adventure movies and trailers. Has 2 versions. 163 BPM 3:20 min