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Shrewd Jazz Swing A fast yet calm jazz swing with a small ensemble. The walking double bass is walking throughout the whole piece together with soft jazz drum brushes. Perfect for easy entertainment, commercials or explanation movies. 220 BPM 1:59 min
Insolitus Jazz Jazz combo An unconventional and very experimental jazz piece that sounds rather electronic distorted. Choppy piano meets breakbeat-like drums. Perfect for unusual scenes or animations. 155 BPM 0:52 min
Ukuljam Folk Kids A short blues on ukulele with funny ukulele solo. Sounds kind of cheap but at the same time funny because of it. Perfect for children's themes or commercials. 147 BPM 1:03 min
Short Opener Jazz Funk A short funky opener with unobtrusive instrumentation. Seems brisk and optimistic. Perfect for web series and podcasts. 172 BPM 0:11 min
Two Pianos Jazz Fusion A cool piece with two pianos, drums and bass. It's clever as well as light. Perfect for podcasts, as series intro or feature films. 110 BPM 1:28 min
Cool Piano Jazz Swing A clever piece with piano and a small wind ensemble. Can be cut well. Perfect for podcasts, explanatory films or transitional film scenes. 116 BPM 1:15 min
Funny World Jazz Dixieland A funny short jazz with humorous solo voices. Perfect for a kids show or funny commercials. Has one version. 244 BPM 1:02 min
Wait A While Jazz Jazz combo A short jazz-duo with two e-guitars. Perfect for a holiday movie or scenes on the beach. 153 BPM 1:12 min
Ginatro Jazz Blues Lovely guitar duo with a jazzy tune. Perfekt for a kids show or an explanation film. 120 BPM 1:46 min
Betrunkener Kater Jazz Dixieland Funny jazz track with playful alto saxophone and clean e-guitar. The piece is swifty and humorous and has an ironical middle part. Perfect as a kids show intro, for a funny commercial or a sympathic explanation video. 126 BPM 3:11 min
Acapello Jazz Jazz combo A fun jazz with funny scat singing. This is accompanied by smooth drums and walking double bass. Perfect for children's shows, radio plays or podcasts. 94 BPM 0:52 min