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Airstream Rock Indie A fresh groovy indie rock with different parts that can be cut perfectly. Perfect for summer, leisure, sports and youth. 155 BPM 2:35 min
Durcheinander Rock Crossover A wild crossover rock with dirty electric guitars and wild sound design. Perfect for extreme sports or unconventional experimental scenes. 190 BPM 2:30 min
System Crusher Rock Punk A modern punk rock with lyrical parts. Perfect for sports or even emotions with toughness. 226 BPM 2:24 min
Hard Times Rock Hard rock A forward pushing rock with a clear ensemble. Perfect for cars and extreme sports. Has one version. 104 BPM 1:24 min
Just A Little Rock Rock Hard rock A catchy and stirring rock with hot guitars and driving drums. Perfect for youth, sports and commercials. Has one version. 190 BPM 3:18 min
Elso Rock Hard rock A driving intro rock piece with catchy lead-guitar. Perfect for anime intro, trailer or sports. 184 BPM 1:09 min
Lofuitar Rock Crossover Adaring crossover of metal and electro. Wanted audio errors push the piece forward. Perfect for sports and action. 166 BPM 1:30 min
Free Your Mind Rock Hard rock A short rock piece with cool guitar solos. Perfect for sport or modern commercials. Has 3 versions. 154 BPM 1:24 min
Weird Inside The Machine Rock Crossover A hard crossover with jumping synth sounds. After the intro, the metal band kicks in hard. Perfect for podcasts or computer games. 120 BPM 0:56 min
8 Bit Core Rock Crossover A crossover hard rock with synthetic bleeps. Really goes off later. Perfect for sports scenes, hard podcasts or advertisements for products that are supposed to convey strength. 122 BPM 1:38 min