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Rock And Stomp Rock Hard rock An extremely cool track with stomps, claps and big e-guitars. The track sounds very powerful and forward driving, despite the slower tempo. Perfect for commercials, image movies and sports. Has 4 versions. 87 BPM 2:46 min
Smokin Dust Rock Soft rock A positive rock with catchy motifs. Perfect for commercials. 87 BPM 2:20 min
Antiblues Rock Fusion A slighlty funky rock fusion with a small ensemble. Perfect for commercials and holiday movies. Has 9 versions. 114 BPM 1:13 min
Blue The Shit Out Rock Hard rock A cool locker rock blues. Perfect for bar, nightlife or cars. 93 BPM 2:28 min
Heistplan Rock Hard rock A driving rock with catchy motifs and solos. Perfect for documentation or corporate movie. Has one version. 140 BPM 2:33 min
Soft Cut Rock Soft rock A smooth soft rock with a cool sound. Perfect for bar, relaxing and flashback scenes. Has 3 versions. 93 BPM 3:05 min
Nur Squeezy Rock Crossover An optimistic crossover rock with synths and driving distorted electric guitars. Perfect as an intro / outro of podcasts, web series or TV shows. 144 BPM 1:05 min
Band In A Bar Rock Hard rock A cool rock that builds steadily and then really kicks in all at once. Perfect as an intro for a cool TV series or a fast-paced podcast. 84 BPM 0:59 min