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Tempestas Rock Metal A brutal metal with scratchy distorted electric guitars and driving drums. Perfect for action scenes or extreme sports. 178 BPM 1:10 min
Gravedigger Rock Hard rock A gloomy starting hard rock with a slapping bass and aggressive climax points. It builds up through the whole piece and has a calm passage shortly before the emotional and almost epic ending. Has 5 versions. 100 BPM 2:54 min
Pyro Rock Metal An aggressive metal with synths and a wild drums. Has a long intro. Perfect for action and sports. 175 BPM 1:33 min
21-02-2013 Rock Crossover A relatively short and wild crossover that seems unruly and jumbled. Perfect for hectic movie scenes or hard podcasts. 188 BPM 1:11 min
22-02-2013 Rock Crossover A first screeching and later meditative crossover with metal sound. Perfect for content that needs a consistent sound. 134 BPM 5:30 min
Brachialo Rock Metal A brute metal with deep e-guitars and booming bass. Experimental percussion build up from allday things support the furious drums. The piece is perfect for extreme sports, fights and cool movie scenes. Has one version. 133 BPM 2:47 min
Monster Of Depth Rock Metal An aggressive and emotional metal track with deep guitars and a furious drums. The piece has dynamic passages and can be cut easily to fit any scene. Perfect for sports, movie trailers and action. 128 BPM 3:13 min
Along Your Way Rock Indie A driving indie rock with a fat bass and crunchy electric guitars. The piece has very danmic parts, regardless of the huge amount of distortion. It fits perfect to extreme sports, movie scenes or fast-paced commercials. 134 BPM 2:55 min
Skullcrusher Rock Metal Modern sounding metal with en extremely aggressive tune, which just hits you in the face! Dissonant fooling around in the middle part. Perfect for extreme sports, fighting scenes or a demonic flair. 173 BPM 2:28 min
Cruel Killer Rock Metal A hard metal with varied parts. Perfect for trailers, sports and cars. 188 BPM 0:57 min
Weird Inside The Machine Rock Crossover A hard crossover with jumping synth sounds. After the intro, the metal band kicks in hard. Perfect for podcasts or computer games. 120 BPM 0:56 min
Short Mission Rock Hard rock A very short hard rock that builds quickly and ends with a break. Perfect for cinematic chases or as intro / outro for podcasts or streams. 160 BPM 0:28 min
Outside The Rhythm Rock Crossover A rocking crossover with distorted electric guitars and hard sounds. Seems like the beat is wrong, but then it is not. Perfect for podcasts, streams or cool movie scenes. 102 BPM 1:20 min
Stealing The Car Rock Metal A metal with synthetic elements. The piece pushes forward and is unstoppable. Perfect for action scenes, extreme sports or web series with hard themes. 130 BPM 1:01 min
Hard Landing Rock Metal A hard metal with dirty electric guitars, short drum breaks and steady buildup. Ends abruptly yet cool. Perfect as an intro / outro to web series, podcasts or action scenes. 101 BPM 0:32 min