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Freedom Wish Electro Synth-pop A casual synthpop that makes you think and at the same time brings hope and motivation. Perfect for documentaries or movie scenes that need a slight 80s flair. 110 BPM 2:54 min
Data Stream Electro Synth-pop A very slightly 80s-inspired electro with driving crisp beat, synths and piano. Perfect for computer games or documentaries. 150 BPM 2:45 min
Hauch Electro Breakbeat A driving experimental breakbeat with vocal beat supported by a crisp beat later. Has spherical meditative parts. Perfect for documentaries or computer games. 140 BPM 8:11 min
Disty Electro Breakbeat A distorted breakbeat with piercing synths and playful subtle variety. Has unusual sound design elements towards the end. Perfect for computer games or streams. 122 BPM 3:08 min
Luke The Drummer Electro Breakbeat A breakbeat that resamples a poorly recorded drum playing and playfully adds synths. Perfect for computer games, documentaries or party scenes. 130 BPM 4:32 min
Short Measure Electro IDM A short electro with short sounds and a cool piano. Perfect as a backing track for podcasts or webfilms. 116 BPM 0:58 min
Short Breakbeat Vibes Electro Breakbeat A short snappy breakbeat with fast guitar riff and cool bright synths. Perfect for podcasts and streams with youthful themes. 124 BPM 0:46 min
Drumatisch Electro Breakbeat An experimental crossover breakbeat with long atmospheric synth-pads and sudden wild parts with e-guitars and cutted drums. Perfect for action or art movies. 192 BPM 7:46 min
Metalwave Electro Crossover A crossover of synthwave and metal. Punchy and catchy at the same time. Fits perfect to retro with a fresh modern breeze. 94 BPM 2:46 min
Vallektro Electro IDM A crisp electro with a homogeneous sound. The variations in the piece are subtle yet noticeable. Perfect for themes like party, youth or documentaries. 128 BPM 6:10 min
Fast Transaction Electro Big beat A fast big beat with distorted guitars, driving beat and string staccato. Feels very fast and propulsive. Perfect for computer games or streams. 154 BPM 1:06 min
Itineris Electro Breakbeat A long breakbeat / drum and bass with various crossover instruments (Kazoo-solo and belly drumming!). Becomes spherical towards the end, almost epic. Perfect for cool movie scenes, trailers and also documentaries. 84 BPM 13:20 min
Positive Vibes Electro Breakbeat A cheerful electro with bright sounds. Later vocals and electric guitars are added. Spreads good mood. Perfect for streams or party movie scenes. 136 BPM 2:32 min
Sawman And Son Electro Crossover A creaky electro with synths doubled with distorted electric guitars. Has a very unusual sound. Perfect for podcasts, documentaries or daring product videos. 109 BPM 1:32 min
Deal In The Hood Electro Hip hop An emotional hip-hop with electric guitars, strings and piano. After a short intro, the piece flows distorted. Perfect for podcasts or movie scenes. 92 BPM 1:40 min