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Without You Electro Lounge An 80's sounding lounge that conveys dreariness and at the same time has a certain style. Perfect for fashion, technology and documentaries. 86 BPM 2:51 min
Space Computer Electro Breakbeat A rather restrained and relaxed breakbeat with spherical sounds and short passages with a strange beat. Perfect for science, documentaries or computer games. 114 BPM 2:53 min
Smooth Vibes Electro Lounge A relaxed track with warm bass and slightly noisy beat. Perfect for use as an unobtrusive background track in videos or as backing to an event. 63 BPM 3:08 min
Calm Player Electro Hip hop An easygoing hip hop title with funky vibes. The small ensemble of acoustic instruments combined with an electronic beat brings in the style and composure. Perfect for explanation or product movies or streams. 88 BPM 3:10 min
Soul Mate Electro Lounge A groovy reggea with deep and warm bass, experimental synthesizers and crispy saxophones in the middle. Perfect for documentations, audio installations and events. Has one version. 76 BPM 2:40 min
Ambiente Electro Lounge A soft lounge with ambient acoustic sound. Rather unobtrusive. Perfect for podcasts and documentaries. 79 BPM 1:22 min
Funktime Electro Electro funk A breakbeat-alike lounge with funky elements. Very laminar and without too much variations to be a perfect backing track. Perfect for explanation movies, product movies or computer games. 84 BPM 2:50 min
Lazy Motion Electro Lounge A cool and relaxed lounge with different solos. Perfect for commercials and explanation movies. 68 BPM 3:10 min
Tension Groove Electro Electro funk A funky electro with an unconventional sound mixture. Perfect for explanation movies. Has 3 versions. 68 BPM 3:05 min
Refined Minimalism Electro Hip hop A minimalistic hip hop with mickey mouse rap. Break at the end into another feeling. Perfect for youth. 97 BPM 1:24 min
Sit Back Electro Lounge Solid hip hop beat mixed with strings. Crackle of a vinyl at the beginning and the end. Perfect for imagefilm or documentation. 85 BPM 1:50 min
Chilingeo Electro Electro funk Laid back breakbeat with acoustic guitars, double bass and other playful elements. Perfect for montages, heist movies or explanation films. 92 BPM 1:49 min