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Deduction Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An extremely dynamic orchestral piece that sounds as if composed to a scene. Perfect for trailers, thrilling feature film scenes or exciting documentaries. 90 BPM 3:10 min
Chainsaw Usage Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A fast-paced orchestral piece with chainsaw, electronic beat, screaming brass and driving strings. Perfect for slasher movies or dramatic suspense scenes. 109 BPM 1:54 min
Suspicious Science Electro Cinematic electro A cinematic electro with many short crispy sounds and a slight string passage in the middle part. It has an uneasy yet curious touch. Perfect for science, crime scene or documentations. 107 BPM 2:29 min
Bad Breaking Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A pure percussion piece that could remind you of a certain series. Perfect as a backing for documentaries, computer games or even movie scenes. 122 BPM 2:56 min
Urgent Need Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving hybrid score with synthetic elements and aggressive deep brass. Piece ends unexpected synthetic. Perfect for movie scenes, trailers or cyberpunk-flair. 140 BPM 2:50 min
Ahead Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A fast-paced orchestral piece with slightly atonal yet dramatic passages. Generally sounds almost like a heroic mission. Perfect for movie scenes and trailers. 122 BPM 2:40 min
Western Hero Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A classic western soundtrack with acoustic guitar and harmonica along with large orchestra. Perfect for western movies, cowboys or trailers. 140 BPM 3:12 min
Uneasy Chase Soundtrack Modern soundtrack An orchestral piece, which makes the listener uneasy. Later comes a driving change. Perfect for horror movies, chasing scenes or suspensful documentations. 104 BPM 2:33 min
A Bigger Affair Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A forward pushing orchestral piece with big percussion and electronic beats. Perfect for trailers and super hero movies. 124 BPM 1:57 min
Find The Thug Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving hybrid orchestral piece. Perfect for trailers and thrilling movie scenes. 110 BPM 1:55 min
Furious Complication Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving orchestral piece with raging percussion. Perfect for trailers or action scenes. 150 BPM 1:48 min
Artificial Suspense Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A very dark orchestral piece. Perfect for horror movies, trailer and science fiction. 133 BPM 1:49 min
Dressy Killer Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving orchestral piece. Pefect for thrilling movie scenes, chase scenes or fights. 144 BPM 1:37 min
Rescue Action Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with furious percussion. Perfect for trailers, chase scenes or fight. 140 BPM 1:00 min
Hit The Man Soundtrack Modern soundtrack Hybrid filmmusic with strings, brass and electronic beats. Perfect for thrilling film scenes. 104 BPM 2:02 min