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Freedom Wish Electro Synth-pop A casual synthpop that makes you think and at the same time brings hope and motivation. Perfect for documentaries or movie scenes that need a slight 80s flair. 110 BPM 2:54 min
Data Stream Electro Synth-pop A very slightly 80s-inspired electro with driving crisp beat, synths and piano. Perfect for computer games or documentaries. 150 BPM 2:45 min
Mastery Electro Synth-pop A dreamy synthpop with a catchy melody. Spherical and cool at once. Perfect for sentimental movie scenes from the 80ths. 127 BPM 3:19 min
Hope Tech Electro Synth-pop A minimalistic electro with emotional and catchy voices. Perfect for corporate movies and documentation. Has one version. 110 BPM 3:32 min
Retronic Electro Synth-pop An electro in the style of the 80ies. Perfect for technology, corporate movies or explanation movies. 100 BPM 3:19 min
Pop It Electro Synth-pop An electro-pop with clean e-guitars and catchy melody. Perfect for summer, holidays and sports. Has one version. 144 BPM 2:48 min
Jessica Electro Synth-pop A dynamic 80ies pop. Perfect for explanation movies and product movies. 114 BPM 2:21 min
Feel The Drive Electro Synth-pop A catchy electro, which spreads hope and motivation. Perfect for corporate movies or technology. Has 3 versions. 155 BPM 2:42 min
Die Kraft Electro Synth-pop An electro in the style of the eighties electronic. Perfect for technology, documentation or explanation movie. Has 3 versions. 140 BPM 2:42 min