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Fresh Approach Electro IDM A crispy electro with partly spherical vibes. It has a soft intro and then starts quite crispy. Perfect for product movies and commercials. 123 BPM 3:20 min
Built It Electro IDM A driving electro with intentionally weird sounding piano and glitch effects. The middle part is almost meditative. The track fits perfect to technology themed projects or modern product movies. 125 BPM 2:49 min
Smoke Theme Electro IDM An experimental electro with a zippo sounds as a beat. Perfect for technology, documentaries or computer games. 130 BPM 1:33 min
Whatever Electro IDM A rather experimental electro with stumbling beat and different time signature. Perfect for slow but stylish commercials. 82 BPM 2:55 min
Come Up Electro IDM A daring electro with a lot of vocal gimmicks. Gets a bit punchier in the bass towards the end. Perfect for streams or web movies. 132 BPM 3:23 min
Building A Computer Electro IDM A positive electro with a crisp beat, piercing synths and optimistic flair of hope. Perfect for documentaries, podcasts or computer games. 136 BPM 1:35 min
Short Measure Electro IDM A short electro with short sounds and a cool piano. Perfect as a backing track for podcasts or webfilms. 116 BPM 0:58 min
Reversed Circuits Electro IDM A sophisticated electro with backwards sounding beat and stabbing synth bass. Perfect for technology or podcasts. 130 BPM 1:36 min
Feeling In A System Electro IDM An unconventional electro with peculiar sounds. Perfect for style, fashion or technology. Has 3 versions. 73 BPM 2:41 min
Relaxing Business Electro IDM A soft electro with warm bass and clever beats. Perfect for a corporate movie. Has 3 versions. 114 BPM 4:09 min
Tech Electro IDM A smart electro with minimalistic sounds and guitar. Perfect for technology, documentation or corporate movie. 118 BPM 2:02 min
Minimalize It Electro IDM A futuristic electro with minimalistic sounds. Perfect for technology or party. 125 BPM 2:14 min
Vallektro Electro IDM A crisp electro with a homogeneous sound. The variations in the piece are subtle yet noticeable. Perfect for themes like party, youth or documentaries. 128 BPM 6:10 min
Minimal Necessity Electro IDM A refined minimal electro with short sounds. Later a crisp beat kicks in along with more synths. Perfect for documentaries, podcasts or computer games. 113 BPM 2:39 min
Stutting Run Electro IDM A monotonous meditative electro with rather harder, driving sounds. Perfect for sports videos, documentaries or computer games. 136 BPM 8:32 min