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Scratch Party Electro Minimal A minimalistic sounding fresh electro with scratchy bass and emotional middle parts. Perfect for party, technology and youth. 120 BPM 3:25 min
Classilectro Logo Electro Minimal A short logo with piano and synthesizer. Perfect for corporate design. 110 BPM 0:04 min
Modern Logo Electro Minimal A clean logo with bells alike sound. Perfect for corporate design and technology. Has 2 versions. 105 BPM 0:06 min
Mysterious Logo Electro Minimal A short muffled logo. Perfect for technology and mystery. Has 5 versions. 120 BPM 0:03 min
Fresh Clothes Electro Minimal A clever thought-out electro with acoustic instruments. Perfect for commercials and fashion. Has one version. 136 BPM 0:45 min
Business Matters Electro Minimal A transparent electro with acoustic guitar. Perfect for technology, corporate and product movie. Has 3 versions. 114 BPM 2:48 min
Deep Water Electro Minimal A driving electro with celestial experimental sounds. Perfect for technic and corporate movie. 128 BPM 3:37 min
Bib Electro Minimal A minimalistich yet elaborated electro. Beeping synths together with the pulsating bass and crisp strings provide constant subtle variety. Perfect for computer games or party scenes. 126 BPM 2:19 min