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Keep It On Jazz Swing A groovy swing with a big band ensemble and a whirling theme. Perfect as an opener theme for game shows and explanation videos, or usable for commercials as well. 260 BPM 0:27 min
Weird Signs Electro Experimental A playful experimental electro with slight glitch effects and catchy middle part. Perfect for technics, documentations or product movies. 116 BPM 2:49 min
Calm Player Electro Hip hop An easygoing hip hop title with funky vibes. The small ensemble of acoustic instruments combined with an electronic beat brings in the style and composure. Perfect for explanation or product movies or streams. 88 BPM 3:10 min
Guitarette Folk Acoustic A short guitar duet with short funny sounds. Perfect as an intro or outro to children's topics or explainer videos. 125 BPM 0:21 min
Alices Impfpflicht Akt Eins Folk Kids A silly mickey mousing piece that I composed to a parlaments speech. Probably fits to nothing else! (o: 122 BPM 1:36 min
Reversed Circuits Electro IDM A sophisticated electro with backwards sounding beat and stabbing synth bass. Perfect for technology or podcasts. 130 BPM 1:36 min
Dog Games Electro Electro funk A playful electro-funk with an unconventional beat. Perfect for expanation movies, animals and sports. 110 BPM 1:32 min
Mice Jazz Swing A smart big band piece with many alternating voices. Perfect for cartoon and kids. 124 BPM 3:21 min
Tricky Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with playful voices. Perfect for kids or fairy tales. 116 BPM 1:00 min
Fresh Clothes Electro Minimal A clever thought-out electro with acoustic instruments. Perfect for commercials and fashion. Has one version. 136 BPM 0:45 min
Business Matters Electro Minimal A transparent electro with acoustic guitar. Perfect for technology, corporate and product movie. Has 3 versions. 114 BPM 2:48 min
Tracing The Disease Electro Industrial A complex pushing electro with a cinematic flair. Perfect for discovering movie scenes or trailers. 150 BPM 2:33 min
Tension Groove Electro Electro funk A funky electro with an unconventional sound mixture. Perfect for explanation movies. Has 3 versions. 68 BPM 3:05 min
Hectical Electro Breakbeat A slightly emotional drum and bass with halftime parts and minimal glitch effects. Perfect for docuemntation and technic. Has 3 versions. 170 BPM 2:34 min
Perfect Flow Electro Breakbeat A crossover with breakbeat and e-guitar. Perfect for cars, sports and commercials. Has 3 versions. 138 BPM 1:53 min