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Die langweiligste Rede der Welt Jazz Swing A xylophone which later gets accompanied by a light rock jazz band, as if the xylophone would get bored. Perfect for funny movie scenes. 160 BPM 0:42 min
Funky Jam Jazz Funk A driving funk with a playful guitar solo. The track really gets you into the flow. Perfect for explaination movies and streams. 210 BPM 3:46 min
Just Funky Jazz Funk A funk with slapping bass and continuous rhythm. Perfect for explainer videos, streams or web movies. 112 BPM 2:02 min
Ukuljam Folk Kids A short blues on ukulele with funny ukulele solo. Sounds kind of cheap but at the same time funny because of it. Perfect for children's themes or commercials. 147 BPM 1:03 min
Pianow Jazz Bossa A jazz combo / bossa with a relaxed tune. Totally unintrusive and pieceful. Perfect as a subtle background music in documentation movies, explanation movies or podcasts. Has 6 versions. 124 BPM 2:43 min
Extraordinary Jazz Jazz combo A cool and calmly jazz piece with a small ensemble. Perfect for calm, nightly movie scenes and documentation. 128 BPM 3:07 min
Fancy Piano Electro Hip hop A cool hip hop with a fat beat and grooving strings. Perfect for modern commercials or product movies. Has 4 versions. 94 BPM 3:05 min
Dog Games Electro Electro funk A playful electro-funk with an unconventional beat. Perfect for expanation movies, animals and sports. 110 BPM 1:32 min
Lazy Motion Electro Lounge A cool and relaxed lounge with different solos. Perfect for commercials and explanation movies. 68 BPM 3:10 min
Tension Groove Electro Electro funk A funky electro with an unconventional sound mixture. Perfect for explanation movies. Has 3 versions. 68 BPM 3:05 min
Slow Fashion Electro Lounge A relaxed electro with unconventional new sounds. Perfect for fashion and commercials. Has 3 versions. 90 BPM 2:45 min
Nightly Occurrence Jazz Jazz combo A calm jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for nightlife and bar. 96 BPM 2:39 min
Smokin Dust Rock Soft rock A positive rock with catchy motifs. Perfect for commercials. 87 BPM 2:20 min
Easy Now Jazz Blues A small set up jazz with alto saxophone, acoustic guitar and doublebass. Perfect for commercials and explanation movies. 118 BPM 2:42 min
Antiblues Rock Fusion A slighlty funky rock fusion with a small ensemble. Perfect for commercials and holiday movies. Has 9 versions. 114 BPM 1:13 min