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Liberatio Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short piano piece with a flow and a slight dramatic arc. Perfect for short scenes. 168 BPM 0:43 min
Klavier Sauber machen Jazz Experimental I clean my piano with a rag and record it as I go. Probably perfect for nothing at all. (o: 120 BPM 1:10 min
Rocksynth Rock Crossover A crossover with synthetic beat at the beginning. Then suddenly goes off more with a band, but sounds rather "simple". Perfect for podcasts or web films. 100 BPM 0:55 min
Exanguis Electro Big beat A slightly gloomy big beat with strings and male choir in the later part. Perfect for computer games or documentaries. 172 BPM 2:16 min
Eruptio Rock Hard rock A dragging hard rock with a cool riff at the beginning. The piece starts to flow more after that. Perfect for extreme sports or as an intro for shows with more solid content. 140 BPM 1:55 min
Metalwave Electro Crossover A crossover of synthwave and metal. Punchy and catchy at the same time. Fits perfect to retro with a fresh modern breeze. 94 BPM 2:46 min
Rock And Stomp Rock Hard rock An extremely cool track with stomps, claps and big e-guitars. The track sounds very powerful and forward driving, despite the slower tempo. Perfect for commercials, image movies and sports. Has 4 versions. 87 BPM 2:46 min
Tricky Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with playful voices. Perfect for kids or fairy tales. 116 BPM 1:00 min
Confidential Information Jazz Swing A short big band piece with a cinematic sound. Perfect for an agent movie scene or as an intro for a tv show. 102 BPM 0:56 min
Hybridia Electro Experimental An unusual electro with minimalistic and emotional sounds. Perfect for technology, documentations or corporate movies. 100 BPM 1:55 min
Feeling In A System Electro IDM An unconventional electro with peculiar sounds. Perfect for style, fashion or technology. Has 3 versions. 73 BPM 2:41 min
Bleak Times Jazz Jazz combo A short film noir jazz piece with acoustic instruments. Perfect for night life, crime or drama. Has 9 versions. 113 BPM 0:50 min
Bad Tune Electro Hip hop An intenionally bad recorded hip hop e-guitars crossover with apathetical vocals without text. Perfect for ironic scenes. 85 BPM 2:19 min
Betrunkener Kater Jazz Dixieland Funny jazz track with playful alto saxophone and clean e-guitar. The piece is swifty and humorous and has an ironical middle part. Perfect as a kids show intro, for a funny commercial or a sympathic explanation video. 126 BPM 3:11 min
The Lounge Electro Lounge A fresh lounge with positive synths and a warm bass, driven by a crunchy beat. Perfect for corporate movies or as a backing track for an event. 90 BPM 1:14 min