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Without You Electro Lounge An 80's sounding lounge that conveys dreariness and at the same time has a certain style. Perfect for fashion, technology and documentaries. 86 BPM 2:51 min
Meditative 80s Circles Electro Ambient A calm and meditative ambient track with spherical tunes, nice punchy beat and a warm deep bass. Perfect for corporate movies, product videos or documentations. 110 BPM 2:57 min
From The Past Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral piece with a vintage sound. Very lyrical and old-school. Perfect for old movvie scenes and black-and-white. 73 BPM 2:01 min
Road Party Rock Progressive rock A driving hard rock with screaming guitars. Perfect for summer, road trip and extreme sports! Has one version. 130 BPM 2:33 min
Rockstock Rock Fusion A cool old-school rock with organ and guitar solos. Perfect for cars, highway and sports. Has one version. 127 BPM 1:21 min
Sit Back Electro Lounge Solid hip hop beat mixed with strings. Crackle of a vinyl at the beginning and the end. Perfect for imagefilm or documentation. 85 BPM 1:50 min
The Old School Rock Progressive rock Old-school rock piece with guitar solo and dynamic middle part. Perfect for festivals and sports. 128 BPM 2:08 min