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Feindkontakt Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral work that briefly has hip hop in the middle section and then continues dramatically briskly again. Perfect for comedic film scenes. 100 BPM 0:48 min
Seelenschutt Jazz Experimental An experimental piece with two distorted electric guitars, which solo confusedly. Perfect for experimental art films or sound collages. 80 BPM 3:30 min
Drumatisch Electro Breakbeat An experimental crossover breakbeat with long atmospheric synth-pads and sudden wild parts with e-guitars and cutted drums. Perfect for action or art movies. 192 BPM 7:46 min
Long Run Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving orchestral piece with big percussion. Perfect for a chase scene or an action scene. Has one version. 134 BPM 1:06 min
Long Rise Electro Techno A pulsating minimalistic rave, which changes constantly very subtle. Perfect for party and technology. 148 BPM 2:47 min
Gaming Old Electro Chiptune A motivated forward pushing 8 Bit electro. Perfect for games and technic. Has 3 versions. 134 BPM 2:00 min
Hectical Electro Breakbeat A slightly emotional drum and bass with halftime parts and minimal glitch effects. Perfect for docuemntation and technic. Has 3 versions. 170 BPM 2:34 min
Trance Me Electro Trance A driving trance with shiny synths. Perfect for party scenes and light shows. 136 BPM 5:39 min
Itineris Electro Breakbeat A long breakbeat / drum and bass with various crossover instruments (Kazoo-solo and belly drumming!). Becomes spherical towards the end, almost epic. Perfect for cool movie scenes, trailers and also documentaries. 84 BPM 13:20 min
HOLS - Jagd Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A hybrid orchestral piece with driving elements and electronic beat. Creepy vocals start in the end. Perfect for movie scenes or trailers. 147 BPM 1:22 min