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Built It Electro IDM A driving electro with intentionally weird sounding piano and glitch effects. The middle part is almost meditative. The track fits perfect to technology themed projects or modern product movies. 125 BPM 2:49 min
Reach For Success Pop Classical A positive and energetic corporate-track with strings, driving drums, e-guitars and a spheric mood. Perfect to underscore the next corporate ident or product movie. 134 BPM 2:14 min
Ambient City Flight Electro Ambient A meditative ambient track with a gentle e-guitar. Is optimal suited as an unobtrusive backing. Perfect for drone scenes, corporate movies and product movies. 124 BPM 3:02 min
Ambient Wood Pop Soft rock An acoustic sounding track with soft acoustic guitar and piano to the drums. Perfect for as a backing track for a positive and calm image film. This piece is loopable. 85 BPM 3:00 min
Diamond Maker Electro House A fresh house bear with a brilliant piano, which plays a catchy phrase. Perfect for corporate sound, corporate movie or commercials. 132 BPM 3:05 min
The Motivating Upbeat Corporation Electro Big beat An epic upbeat with much energy. Various parts bring in much dynamic. The track is perfect for corporate videos, corporate identity or product movies. Has 4 versions. 127 BPM 2:37 min
Classilectro Logo Electro Minimal A short logo with piano and synthesizer. Perfect for corporate design. 110 BPM 0:04 min
Modern Logo Electro Minimal A clean logo with bells alike sound. Perfect for corporate design and technology. Has 2 versions. 105 BPM 0:06 min
Slow Fashion Electro Lounge A relaxed electro with unconventional new sounds. Perfect for fashion and commercials. Has 3 versions. 90 BPM 2:45 min
Trancient Electro Trance An open sounding trance with dynamic arc. Perfect for technic, corporate movies or product movies. Has 3 versions. 123 BPM 2:24 min
Classiness Meets Technique Electro Lounge A calm electro with piano and a smooth beat. Perfect for corporate movies, product movies or commercials. Has one version. 124 BPM 1:54 min
During Flight Electro Big beat An emotional big beat, which shows magnitude. Perfect for a coprorate movie or documentation. Has one version. 102 BPM 2:37 min
Relaxing Business Electro IDM A soft electro with warm bass and clever beats. Perfect for a corporate movie. Has 3 versions. 114 BPM 4:09 min
Chilling Ride Electro Big beat A driving mix of electro and rock with celestial middle part and reveberated saxophone. Perfect for technology, sports or documentation. 148 BPM 2:08 min
The Lounge Electro Lounge A fresh lounge with positive synths and a warm bass, driven by a crunchy beat. Perfect for corporate movies or as a backing track for an event. 90 BPM 1:14 min