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Crazy Needs Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A pompous short orchestral piece that is intimidating. Perfect as an opener to feature films or daring podcasts. 144 BPM 0:11 min
Verissimus Erus 04 Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral work that begins with short strings. Then wild percussion enters and the orchestra becomes more intense. Perfect for dynamic adventure scenes or exciting movie scenes. 124 BPM 2:04 min
Crucial Matters Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge and epic orchestral work with gigantic percussion, full choir and rock band. Perfect for trailers or extremely epic movie scenes. 137 BPM 2:54 min
Keep It On Jazz Swing A groovy swing with a big band ensemble and a whirling theme. Perfect as an opener theme for game shows and explanation videos, or usable for commercials as well. 260 BPM 0:27 min
Royal Kings Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A majestic short orchestral piece with a fanfare. Perfect for the royal entrance or a ceremony. 112 BPM 0:18 min
Merope Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A pompous orchestral work with many dynamic and different parts. Perfect for feature films. 111 BPM 4:07 min
Tehadon Friendly Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A calm orchestral piece with friendly small percussion and emotional strings. Gets more grandious in the last part. Perfect for royal movie scenes or as a backing track in computer games. This piece is loopable. 112 BPM 0:51 min
Viaticus Brevis Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A hopeful orchestral piece that starts quietly and then picks up speed. Perfect for evening adventure movies or computer games. 115 BPM 1:46 min
Horde Is Coming Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A big seated orchestral piece with dynamic passages. Driving percussion and heroic brasses build up an epic mood. Perfect for trailers, adventure and super heroes. 125 BPM 3:41 min
Space Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral logo with classic science-fiction character. Perfect as an intro for a space tv show. 117 BPM 0:11 min
News Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral logo with a typical news show sound. Perfect for news. 166 BPM 0:09 min
Triades Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dynamic orchestra piece with enormous sound. Middle part is funny. Perfect for adventure movies or commecials. 138 BPM 4:54 min
Rescue Action Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with furious percussion. Perfect for trailers, chase scenes or fight. 140 BPM 1:00 min