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Tehadon Ingame Back Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A calm yet adventerous orchestral piece. Perfect as an ingame backing track in a menu of a computer game. This piece is loopable. 111 BPM 1:00 min
Kulturvermittlungspreis Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A heroic orchestral work with fanfare-like sounds and slightly magical sound. Perfect for adventure or heroic movie scenes. Has 3 versions. 110 BPM 0:33 min
Ahead Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A fast-paced orchestral piece with slightly atonal yet dramatic passages. Generally sounds almost like a heroic mission. Perfect for movie scenes and trailers. 122 BPM 2:40 min
Uplifting Company Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A huge orchestra piece with epic percussion and lyrical horns. Perfect for every elegant and imposing corporate or product movie. Has 4 versions. 98 BPM 2:34 min
Rising Hope Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge orchestral piece with rattling brass and driving strings. Perfect for big epic movie scenes or trailers. 122 BPM 2:56 min
Saving Million Lives Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge orchestral work with full choir that has an epic sound. Perfect for epic trailers or adventurous movie scenes. 113 BPM 2:28 min
The Legend Soundtrack Modern soundtrack An epic orchestral piece with much dynamic and agogic. Perfect for super hero movies and trailers. 110 BPM 2:02 min
Space Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral logo with classic science-fiction character. Perfect as an intro for a space tv show. 117 BPM 0:11 min
News Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral logo with a typical news show sound. Perfect for news. 166 BPM 0:09 min
Cyber Hero Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A modern orchestral piece with hybrid electronic elements. Perfect for super hero movies. 133 BPM 2:46 min
Coming Soon Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An imposing orchestral piece with a high dynamic range. Perfect for movie trailers or action scenes. 82 BPM 2:05 min