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Terrifying Plans Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A grim orchestral piece with a sound, which reminds of old mafia movies. Perfect for thrilling movie scenes or as a dark atmosphere. 90 BPM 1:38 min
A Blue Rose Jazz Ballad A sentimental jazz with middle sized ensemble. Guitar- and piano solo in the middle part, also in doubletime partially. Perfect for calm projects, movie scenes of the past or other emotional moments. Has one version. 122 BPM 2:47 min
Evil Passion Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A rather experimental cinematic piece with strings and percussion only; nothing else! Very gloomy and odd in tune and with a very high dynamic range. Perfect for movie scenes, trailers and drama. 100 BPM 2:32 min
Night Theft Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very quiet orchestral work with an almost meditative dark atmosphere. Perfect for nocturnal film scenes, documentaries or as a soft background music in radio plays. 112 BPM 1:20 min
Nightly Occurrence Jazz Jazz combo A calm jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for nightlife and bar. 96 BPM 2:39 min
Artificial Suspense Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A very dark orchestral piece. Perfect for horror movies, trailer and science fiction. 133 BPM 1:49 min
He Is Lost Jazz Jazz combo An afflicting jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for scenes with sorrow, lonliness or melancholy. 118 BPM 2:02 min
Bleak Times Jazz Jazz combo A short film noir jazz piece with acoustic instruments. Perfect for night life, crime or drama. Has 9 versions. 113 BPM 0:50 min
Hard-Line Love Jazz Jazz combo An afflicting jazz with a 3/4 beat. Perfect for a sad farewell scene. Has one version. 128 BPM 0:49 min
Feelings Are Spooky Jazz Jazz combo A mysterious jazz intro with ghost alike sounds. Perfect as an intro or for mystery. Has one version. 109 BPM 0:52 min
Very Confused Feelings Jazz Jazz combo A weird and short jazz piece with a dark undertune. Perfect for scenes in a film noir style. Has one version. 118 BPM 0:45 min
The Enlightened Jazz Jazz combo A dark jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for film noir, crime or night life. Has one version. 83 BPM 0:50 min