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Universe Leisure Electro Ambient An ethereal track, which is very unintrusive. It has an electronic sound mixed with soft strings in different passages. Perfect for outer space, docuementation or product movies. 122 BPM 2:58 min
Rich Science Electro Ambient A very moody and calming piece with synthesizers, which remind of the space. Perfect for documentation, product movies and science. 73 BPM 2:56 min
Warm Space Electro Ambient A spheric ambient piece with warm synth-pads. Perfect for space, science and meditation. 60 BPM 1:02 min
Ambient Wood Pop Soft rock An acoustic sounding track with soft acoustic guitar and piano to the drums. Perfect for as a backing track for a positive and calm image film. This piece is loopable. 85 BPM 3:00 min
Fly Through Utopia Electro Ambient A very relaxing electro without a beat. Perfect for relaxation, documentation or corporate movie. Has 6 versions. 120 BPM 2:06 min
Our New Model Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A sofrt piece with piano and warm beat and bass. Perfect for commercials or product movies. 80 BPM 1:31 min
Soft Cut Rock Soft rock A smooth soft rock with a cool sound. Perfect for bar, relaxing and flashback scenes. Has 3 versions. 93 BPM 3:05 min
My Beloved Friend Jazz Jazz combo A calm jazz piece with a small jazz combo. Dreamy and melancholic it glides its way. Perfect for emotional movie scenes or as an intro / outro for radio plays. Has one version. 92 BPM 1:00 min