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Verissimus Erus 05 Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dark work with spooky sounds and huge orchestra and choir. Perfect for ominous movie scenes or adventure themes. 92 BPM 2:51 min
Crucial Matters Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge and epic orchestral work with gigantic percussion, full choir and rock band. Perfect for trailers or extremely epic movie scenes. 137 BPM 2:54 min
Tribal Trailer Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A cinematic piece with tribal percussion and e-strings. Builds up to the end and is perfect for trailers or teasers. 142 BPM 0:57 min
Royal Kings Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A majestic short orchestral piece with a fanfare. Perfect for the royal entrance or a ceremony. 112 BPM 0:18 min
Soccer Percussion Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A big percussion ensemble with a huge sound. Perfect for trailers or commercials. 140 BPM 0:33 min
Aerophore - Credits Soundtrack Modern soundtrack An exciting orchestral work with synthetic elements and choir. Perfect for exciting movies, radio plays or trailers. 133 BPM 2:00 min
Viaticus Brevis Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A hopeful orchestral piece that starts quietly and then picks up speed. Perfect for evening adventure movies or computer games. 115 BPM 1:46 min
Stomping Percussion Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving percussion piece with fat drums, hand claps and effects. Sounds super tight and is perfect for commercials, presentations and sport. Has 4 versions. 115 BPM 1:01 min
Important News Coming Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A short and huge orchestra piece with drums and driving synth-bass. Perfect for a news show or short movie teasers. 157 BPM 0:23 min
Impetus Novus Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An exciting orchestral work with a slightly oriental flair. Perfect for evening adventure films or documentaries. 136 BPM 1:26 min
It Comes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very dynamic orchestral piece with a full ensemble. Almost mystic, yet ominous and epic at the same time. It has a lyrical part towards the end. Perfect for movie scenes and trailers. 108 BPM 2:45 min
Frantic Adventure Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A big orchestra piece, which calls for a fantasy adventure. Driving percussion and fat brass will be balanced with a lyrical string passage in the middle. Perfect for fantasy and adventure movies and trailers. Has 2 versions. 163 BPM 3:20 min
News Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral logo with a typical news show sound. Perfect for news. 166 BPM 0:09 min
Triades Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dynamic orchestra piece with enormous sound. Middle part is funny. Perfect for adventure movies or commecials. 138 BPM 4:54 min