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Contorted Memories Electro Cinematic electro An unconventional cinematic electro with distorted beat and dull synths with retro flair. Perfect for mood-setting images in feature films or documentaries. 120 BPM 3:23 min
Abstrakte Welt Electro Ambient A spherical electro with experimental beats. Very meditative and monotone and thus very calming. Perfect for outer space and science. 167 BPM 7:57 min
Mastery Electro Synth-pop A dreamy synthpop with a catchy melody. Spherical and cool at once. Perfect for sentimental movie scenes from the 80ths. 127 BPM 3:19 min
Things Are Strange Electro Ambient An electro in the style of the eighties. Perfect for technology or mystery. 143 BPM 3:13 min
Hectical Electro Breakbeat A slightly emotional drum and bass with halftime parts and minimal glitch effects. Perfect for docuemntation and technic. Has 3 versions. 170 BPM 2:34 min
Unholy Manner Electro Industrial A gloomy industrial with pulsating bass. Perfect for documentations or gloom movie scenes. Has 5 versions. 115 BPM 1:51 min
Ancient Traces Electro Ambient A calm electro with minimalistic sounds. Perfect for space and science. Has 3 versions. 115 BPM 2:32 min
Resample My Drums Electro Big beat A fully loaded crossover with screaming e-guitars at the end. Perfect for emotional and cinematic movie scenes. 127 BPM 2:18 min