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Retro Flight Electro Chiptune An 8 bit retro electro track with brilliant synths and a simple beat. Perfect for computer games or web streams. Has 4 versions. 161 BPM 3:17 min
Salax Rock Metal A scratchy metal with distorted electric guitars and gritty synth pads. Perfect for extreme sports or combat. 166 BPM 1:12 min
Disty Electro Breakbeat A distorted breakbeat with piercing synths and playful subtle variety. Has unusual sound design elements towards the end. Perfect for computer games or streams. 122 BPM 3:08 min
Pyro Rock Metal An aggressive metal with synths and a wild drums. Has a long intro. Perfect for action and sports. 175 BPM 1:33 min
Uplifting Company Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A huge orchestra piece with epic percussion and lyrical horns. Perfect for every elegant and imposing corporate or product movie. Has 4 versions. 98 BPM 2:34 min
Rock And Stomp Rock Hard rock An extremely cool track with stomps, claps and big e-guitars. The track sounds very powerful and forward driving, despite the slower tempo. Perfect for commercials, image movies and sports. Has 4 versions. 87 BPM 2:46 min
Gloomy DnB Electro Breakbeat A somewhat gritty drum and bass / breakbeat with subtly advancing variety and yet steadfastly homogeneous sound. Perfect for computer games or web movies. 174 BPM 5:44 min
Skullcrusher Rock Metal Modern sounding metal with en extremely aggressive tune, which just hits you in the face! Dissonant fooling around in the middle part. Perfect for extreme sports, fighting scenes or a demonic flair. 173 BPM 2:28 min
System Crusher Rock Punk A modern punk rock with lyrical parts. Perfect for sports or even emotions with toughness. 226 BPM 2:24 min
Wicked Message Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A hybrid orchestral piece with synthetic and big percussion. Sudden tempo change at the middle. Perfect for trailer or action. 142 BPM 1:10 min
Long Run Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving orchestral piece with big percussion. Perfect for a chase scene or an action scene. Has one version. 134 BPM 1:06 min
Rescue Action Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with furious percussion. Perfect for trailers, chase scenes or fight. 140 BPM 1:00 min
Break The Keys Electro Breakbeat A driving breakbeat with a "cutted" piano. Sounds wild and forward. Perfect for emotional action scenes or computer games. 144 BPM 2:05 min
Voice Up Electro Breakbeat A spherical breakbeat with resampled vocals. Builds up and then really starts and gets another twist. Perfect for computer games or trailers. 134 BPM 1:58 min
Weird Inside The Machine Rock Crossover A hard crossover with jumping synth sounds. After the intro, the metal band kicks in hard. Perfect for podcasts or computer games. 120 BPM 0:56 min