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Inner Piece Electro Ambient A relaxed ambient track with spherical sounds and very gentle beat. The track is kept very unobtrusive monotone throughout. Perfect for documentaries or meditations. 72 BPM 6:25 min
Meditative 80s Circles Electro Ambient A calm and meditative ambient track with spherical tunes, nice punchy beat and a warm deep bass. Perfect for corporate movies, product videos or documentations. 110 BPM 2:57 min
Space Threat Theme Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An adventurous orchestral work that wants to suggest the vastness of space. Perfect for futuristic adventure films or documentaries. 148 BPM 1:52 min
Journey Around The World Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A huge orchestra piece with an emotional piano, singing strings and big percussions as a main component. Perfect for an emotional documentation movie or epic themes in general. 165 BPM 2:50 min
A Comet's Life Sfx Sonification The extension of the sonification of the measurement data from the magnetometer of the Rosetta probe that landed on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. 120 BPM 1:32 min
Zügig 2 Theme Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A peaceful orchestral piece that makes one think of an adventurous train journey. Perfect for feature films or computer games. 90 BPM 2:59 min
Dark Progress Electro Industrial An experimental industrial track with a pulsating beat and very deep fat basses. Perfect for party, documentations and cool movie scenes. 96 BPM 2:44 min
What Next Electro Cinematic electro A forward pushing electro with a cinematic sound. Perfect for technology and science. 105 BPM 2:10 min
Ancient Traces Electro Ambient A calm electro with minimalistic sounds. Perfect for space and science. Has 3 versions. 115 BPM 2:32 min
Fly Through Utopia Electro Ambient A very relaxing electro without a beat. Perfect for relaxation, documentation or corporate movie. Has 6 versions. 120 BPM 2:06 min
Trance Me Electro Trance A driving trance with shiny synths. Perfect for party scenes and light shows. 136 BPM 5:39 min
Stutting Run Electro IDM A monotonous meditative electro with rather harder, driving sounds. Perfect for sports videos, documentaries or computer games. 136 BPM 8:32 min
Aquasigns Electro Ambient A weird ambient with water-like sounds. The only thing missing is bubbling. Perfect for podcasts or documentaries. 124 BPM 1:29 min
Through The Dunes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An oriental sounding orchestral work with full instrumentation. It has a lot of dynamics and strong breaks in the middle. Goes well with oriental film scenes or documentaries. 124 BPM 2:24 min