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Free Hack Electro Cinematic electro A dark and synthetic cinematic electro. Goes well with documentaries or computers. 133 BPM 1:21 min
Modern Elegance Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A piano piece with electric bass and soft electro beat. Perfect for product videos, advertising or science. 78 BPM 1:29 min
Building A Computer Electro IDM A positive electro with a crisp beat, piercing synths and optimistic flair of hope. Perfect for documentaries, podcasts or computer games. 136 BPM 1:35 min
Sawy Electro Breakbeat A bright sounding electro with emotional harmonies. Becomes more of a techno piece from the middle for a short period. Perfect for party, youth or product videos. 142 BPM 4:00 min
Warm Space Electro Ambient A spheric ambient piece with warm synth-pads. Perfect for space, science and meditation. 60 BPM 1:02 min
Digital Upgrade Electro Breakbeat A short breakbeat with a positive flair and brilliant sounding synths. Perfect for a old-fashioned computer show. 140 BPM 1:08 min
Space Threat Theme Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An adventurous orchestral work that wants to suggest the vastness of space. Perfect for futuristic adventure films or documentaries. 148 BPM 1:52 min
Darkness Beating Electro Big beat A dark hybrid-score track with a fat beat and emotional spiccato-strings. Perfect for the next cool and dramatic movie trailer. 114 BPM 1:41 min
Warm Breeze Electro Ambient A forward pushing electro with celestial and bright sound. Perfect for corporate movies. Has one version. 110 BPM 1:21 min
Hope Tech Electro Synth-pop A minimalistic electro with emotional and catchy voices. Perfect for corporate movies and documentation. Has one version. 110 BPM 3:32 min
Minimalistic Journey Electro Ambient A meditative ambient with an experimental beat and a dynamic build up. Perfect for space, science and documentation. Has 3 versions. 112 BPM 2:45 min
Abstract Worlds Electro Industrial An industrial with unusually technical sounds. From the middle part on, technical sound design and music are cleverly combined. Perfect for technical topics, documentation or podcasts. 88 BPM 3:21 min
Glas Zu Metall Electro IDM A spherical electro with a wide variety of elements like vocals and strings. Builds steadily and is subtly varied throughout. Perfect for documentaries, explanation movies or computer games. 132 BPM 5:27 min