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Thinktank Electro Experimental An experimental crunchy electro with various time signatures and lyrical parts. Perfect for fashion, aventgarde or motion graphics. 99 BPM 2:48 min
Come Up Electro IDM A daring electro with a lot of vocal gimmicks. Gets a bit punchier in the bass towards the end. Perfect for streams or web movies. 132 BPM 3:23 min
Stomping Percussion Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving percussion piece with fat drums, hand claps and effects. Sounds super tight and is perfect for commercials, presentations and sport. Has 4 versions. 115 BPM 1:01 min
Dark Progress Electro Industrial An experimental industrial track with a pulsating beat and very deep fat basses. Perfect for party, documentations and cool movie scenes. 96 BPM 2:44 min
Fancy Piano Electro Hip hop A cool hip hop with a fat beat and grooving strings. Perfect for modern commercials or product movies. Has 4 versions. 94 BPM 3:05 min
Cool Spot Electro Industrial A short electro with hard sounds and an unconventional beat. Perfect for commercials. 100 BPM 0:19 min
Hypnotic Hype Electro Glitch An unconventional glitch-electro with effects and a catchy melody. Perfect for commercials, technology and spare time. Has one version. 120 BPM 2:37 min
Fresh Clothes Electro Minimal A clever thought-out electro with acoustic instruments. Perfect for commercials and fashion. Has one version. 136 BPM 0:45 min
Slow Fashion Electro Lounge A relaxed electro with unconventional new sounds. Perfect for fashion and commercials. Has 3 versions. 90 BPM 2:45 min