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Pixie Dust Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A charming orchestral piece with a very soft and restrained sound. Perfect for mystical fantasy scenes and adventure themes. 80 BPM 3:21 min
Forbidden Magic Theme Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An enchanting orchestral work that has dramatic and pompous passages. Perfect for adventure or fantasy films. 108 BPM 3:46 min
Elise Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dream away orchestra piece with a tune of the nutcracker. Fabulously it is perfect for fantasy- and kids movies. 102 BPM 2:10 min
Rule Of Life Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An emotional orchestral piece with a plucked instrument. Perfect for middle ages, fairy tales and scenes filled with hope. 92 BPM 1:51 min
Tricky Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with playful voices. Perfect for kids or fairy tales. 116 BPM 1:00 min
Very Confused Feelings Jazz Jazz combo A weird and short jazz piece with a dark undertune. Perfect for scenes in a film noir style. Has one version. 118 BPM 0:45 min
The Lovely Huntsman Folk Kids A short folk piece with a small ensemble. Perfect for fairy tales for kids. Has one version. 115 BPM 0:29 min
A Sweet Place Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A lovely orchestral piece with woodwinds and later full orchestra. It sounds playful as well as fantastic and fairy tale. Perfect for cartoons, family movies or trailers. 92 BPM 0:55 min
La Vie En Suspense Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A daramatic orchestral work with lots of dynamics, solo violin and choir. The musical theme cleverly goes through the whole piece. Perfect for feature films, documentaries or as a backing track for events. 120 BPM 3:42 min
Through The Dunes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An oriental sounding orchestral work with full instrumentation. It has a lot of dynamics and strong breaks in the middle. Goes well with oriental film scenes or documentaries. 124 BPM 2:24 min
HOLS - Let Them Free Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A hope bringin orchestral piece with a sparklling sound. Perfect for feature movies or computer games. 117 BPM 2:08 min