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Airstream Rock Indie A fresh groovy indie rock with different parts that can be cut perfectly. Perfect for summer, leisure, sports and youth. 155 BPM 2:35 min
Along Your Way Rock Indie A driving indie rock with a fat bass and crunchy electric guitars. The piece has very danmic parts, regardless of the huge amount of distortion. It fits perfect to extreme sports, movie scenes or fast-paced commercials. 134 BPM 2:55 min
Setting It Up Rock Fusion A cool rock with solos and change into doubletime. Perfect for cars or montages. 65 BPM 2:05 min
Perfect Flow Electro Breakbeat A crossover with breakbeat and e-guitar. Perfect for cars, sports and commercials. Has 3 versions. 138 BPM 1:53 min
In The Old School Rock Progressive rock A groovy rock with a clear ensemble. Perfect for sports and cars. 174 BPM 2:27 min
Blue The Shit Out Rock Hard rock A cool locker rock blues. Perfect for bar, nightlife or cars. 93 BPM 2:28 min
Heistplan Rock Hard rock A driving rock with catchy motifs and solos. Perfect for documentation or corporate movie. Has one version. 140 BPM 2:33 min
Rockstock Rock Fusion A cool old-school rock with organ and guitar solos. Perfect for cars, highway and sports. Has one version. 127 BPM 1:21 min
Deviltwist Rock Hard rock A cool hard rock with well played rhythmical elements. Perfect for action, cars and sport. Has 3 versions. 95 BPM 2:19 min
Across The Street Rock Hard rock A short rock piece with guitar and organ solo. Cool and catchy. Perfect for bar scenes or sport. 98 BPM 1:10 min
Free Your Mind Rock Hard rock A short rock piece with cool guitar solos. Perfect for sport or modern commercials. Has 3 versions. 154 BPM 1:24 min
Deep Guitar Rock Hard rock A short rock piece with dirty saxophone. Perfect as an intro for a car tv series. 116 BPM 0:49 min
Tococholie Pop Rock Casual rehearsel room rock in the style of the Haburger Schule. Perfect for sports and youth. 100 BPM 2:00 min
The Old School Rock Progressive rock Old-school rock piece with guitar solo and dynamic middle part. Perfect for festivals and sports. 128 BPM 2:08 min
Slap Me Rock Fusion Crazy funk rock with slapped bass. Perfect for funny commercials, sport or smart heist movie. 111 BPM 1:55 min