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You Cannot Outrun Poverty Classic Chamber music A short acoustic folk piece with a medieval character. Perfect for middle ages or poverty themes. 208 BPM 0:29 min
Nut Chasing Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An uneasy orchestral work with a gloomy atmosphere and wild outburst in the middle part. Perfect for horror scenes and slashers. 118 BPM 0:50 min
Soccer Percussion Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A big percussion ensemble with a huge sound. Perfect for trailers or commercials. 140 BPM 0:33 min
Uneasy Chase Soundtrack Modern soundtrack An orchestral piece, which makes the listener uneasy. Later comes a driving change. Perfect for horror movies, chasing scenes or suspensful documentations. 104 BPM 2:33 min
Mice Jazz Swing A smart big band piece with many alternating voices. Perfect for cartoon and kids. 124 BPM 3:21 min
Long Run Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving orchestral piece with big percussion. Perfect for a chase scene or an action scene. Has one version. 134 BPM 1:06 min
Another Chase Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A driving orchestral piece with raging percussion. Perfect for trailers or action scenes. 165 BPM 1:18 min
Circumstances Electro Big beat Punchy and exciting electro with a harsh sound. Double time in the middle. Perfect for a driving chase scene. 82 BPM 3:00 min
Fast Transaction Electro Big beat A fast big beat with distorted guitars, driving beat and string staccato. Feels very fast and propulsive. Perfect for computer games or streams. 154 BPM 1:06 min
Short Mission Rock Hard rock A very short hard rock that builds quickly and ends with a break. Perfect for cinematic chases or as intro / outro for podcasts or streams. 160 BPM 0:28 min
Hunt Him Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A driving orchestral work with furious percussion. First comes the chase, then comes the game of hide and seek. Perfect for exciting film scenes or thrilling documentaries. 142 BPM 1:11 min
HOLS - Hide Fast Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A gritty piece for a chase with exciting moments and huge build up towards the end. Perfect for movie scenes or trailers. 128 BPM 1:12 min
HOLS - Jagd Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A hybrid orchestral piece with driving elements and electronic beat. Creepy vocals start in the end. Perfect for movie scenes or trailers. 147 BPM 1:22 min