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Retro Flight Electro Chiptune An 8 bit retro electro track with brilliant synths and a simple beat. Perfect for computer games or web streams. Has 4 versions. 161 BPM 3:17 min
Reversed Circuits Electro IDM A sophisticated electro with backwards sounding beat and stabbing synth bass. Perfect for technology or podcasts. 130 BPM 1:36 min
Bit Adventure Electro Chiptune A motivated forward pushing electro with a retro sound. Perfect for computer games or technology. Has 4 versions. 120 BPM 2:04 min
Gaming Old Electro Chiptune A motivated forward pushing 8 Bit electro. Perfect for games and technic. Has 3 versions. 134 BPM 2:00 min
Need Of Bits Electro Chiptune A motivated 8 Bit electro with alternating parts. Perfect for technic and games. Has 8 versions. 95 BPM 2:13 min
Chipdestroyer Rock Crossover A hard crossover of metal and glitch. Perfect for action, sports and technology. Has 3 versions. 150 BPM 2:15 min
Lofuitar Rock Crossover Adaring crossover of metal and electro. Wanted audio errors push the piece forward. Perfect for sports and action. 166 BPM 1:30 min
8 Bit Core Rock Crossover A crossover hard rock with synthetic bleeps. Really goes off later. Perfect for sports scenes, hard podcasts or advertisements for products that are supposed to convey strength. 122 BPM 1:38 min