Hi, I am Manuel!

I am a composer from germany and I am producing music and sound for over 16 years now. My work is used in different contexts already. For example in movies or television, computer games, websites or even things related to the deep and dark space out there. I also composed and even conducted whole concerts of my music.

My music is being published on Proud Music Library as well. My wish was to offer free usable music as well, apart from the paid music. This might be very old music tracks of mine, which I consider to not have the quality standard I have these days. Or maybe the pieces are productions, which I mainly created for my free (german) projects and the music does not fit anywhere else that good. Maybe there is even music, which I produced for this archive primary!

My motivations behind this archive:

I want to trust in a voluntary payment model in the form of the supporter platforms. The more people support me there, the more free licences I plan to set. Alternatively, for non-commercial licences, you can buy one licence each for commercial use (e.g. for the titles with commercial licence or with the addition CC-NC).
I love open source projects and the free-culture mindset. To offer something similar in the sector of music and entertainment, I created this archive. There are already some more ideas in my head, so stay tuned!
I know how it feels, when you want to create and finish a project, but you have not the funds to get access to high quality resources for the project.
The archive is supposed to help finding temp tracks as well. I tried to optimize the search function as good as possible so that you will find exactly what you want. A temp track from this archive will ensure to a potential or active client that the music can be produced by me without any surprises at the end - all tracks here are made by me anyway. (-;
If more people will listen to my music and it will be used more in general, it would make me happy and motivate me. Also it might generate new connections, which might help me with my self-employment or grow my fan base - both would be superb!

What is the catch? – There is not really one! I trust completely in the fairness of you users. I am honest here: it might happen that there will be no more new music in the archive at some point, or I will close the archive at all, if I cannot maintain the whole project. I have expenses and do music as my main job after all. (-;


You can support me like this:

  • Spread the word that this archive exists! Tell it your friends, relatives, professional colleagues, subscribe to my newsletter and / or share the link!
  • Support me with a single or periodic payments on Ko-Fi.
  • Support me with periodic payments on Patreon.
  • Support me with periodic payments on Liberapay.
  • "Donate" * an amount via PayPal.* Since I am an artist I cannot issue a donation receipt, since this counts as normal income for me in my country!


Following great people are already supporting me via the mentioned supporting plattforms with a tier, which grants a shout-out:

  • Tom "Hevy" Apell
Many thanks to all supporters!

Technical infos

From here on there is some more technical information about the archive:

  • Equipment: On this page you can see which tools, software, etc. I am using.
  • Loudness: My (archive-) music is since at least year 2022 mastered to -14 LUFS Int, which means that it is perfectly usable on most streaming plattforms. The player on this page here even equals the loudness as good as possible so that even older titles are equally loud (or not too loud) compared to newer music titles of mine. The player is set up to the target loudness of -14 LUFS.
  • File formats: There are music pieces (and I know this might sound unprofessional) for which I only have the MP3s left. For the respecting pieces there is no button for other file formats. But don't panic; it's at least 320 kbit MP3 and it only applies to very old pieces of mine.


I try to keep this archive as up to date and accurate as possible. Should there still be any issue or maybe something could be better, do please not hesitate to contact me! I am very thankful for every kind of feedback, ideas, suggestions or even just a simple "hello". (-;

Well, now have fun browsing and listening! to the archive