Licence policy

If you want to be totally sure and save on how to use my music fair to me, please read this whole site carefully. I have determined so called CC-licences for many of my music pieces (Not all, though! See the licence for the respecting music piece on its site!). I did this according to the Creative Commons licences; especially the CC-BY-NC. This means the following criteria at a glance:


This stands for Creative Commons. It is a non­profit organization in the US, which created some default licence texts for artists.


On every usage of the material you have to give the proper credits and origin of it. In my case it would be: Manuel Senfft + URL

Exception: commercial licences


The used material may not be used in a com­mercial context. This means: no money may be gen­erated with the project.
Exception: commercial licences

I am in no public rights organisation (PRO), which means that this music is royalty-free. In the following I want to clearify the points to be more precise.

Why CC? Well, the licences are well known these days and the "usage" is easier for me as an artist and for you as an user of the music. Furthermore you can re-read all the detailled licence texts of the Creative Commons on their website; e.g. for the licence CC-BY-NC.

My name (Manuel Senfft) and the url of the source (either to my website or a direct link to the music piece right here from this archive) have to be mentioned reasonable on the usage of the music. But not in a way that it might look like I endorse you or your work in a special way. More regarding the last point further down.

I would be happy if the proper credits will appear in videos as well apart from "only in the description of videos". For computer games I would call it appropriate to see the proper credits in the computer games credits list. In every case I do not want that the quality of the whole project migh suffer, though! If the case might occur that the quality of the project would be reduced, the credits should appear on another location, still good to find and read, though.

If the project, which uses the used music, generates or gets money in any way, I call this project a commercial one. In that case the usage of the music is prohibited and I would initiate legal investigations. If the project might generate money or might get financial support in any way, I would call it just fair if I would see some of the money as well, since the music, which was used from this archive, helped earning or getting this money in the end.

A nonprofit organization, which e.g. would monetize videos to cover their expenses, acts money-producing according to my understanding and therefore commercially. A nonprofit organization is welcomed to get in touch with me in such a case. Maybe we can arrange something and see if the music can stil be used in such a case without the need of a commercial licence (or maybe a discounted one).

YouTube is a complicated case for me. Since the 1st of june 2021 the YouTube policy says that they can show commercials on videos, which are not in the partner program. This means that YouTube can create money with content of a creator, which will never see a penny of this money. I consider such an act to be abhorrent. That's why I want to warn: should I find such a video on YouTube, which shows commercials and seems (to me) to be monetized, while I cannot see that a commercial licence exists in my system, I would report this video as a copyright infringement. This means that you act at your own risk. I am very sorry for this inconvenience and no hard feelings here! The thing is: I cannot see, if somebody shows commercials in a profit manner or if it is just YouTube showing that they just have the power to act like they want to ... thanks for your understanding! (=

Crowdfunding-exception: in case you want to use my music for a crowdfunding campaign, you can do so for free till the success of the campaign. If the campaign will be successful, you have to buy a commercial licence afterwards. Just take the costs for the licence into account for the funding goal and be honest after the campaign, thank you!

Hereby I also expressly prohibit the use of my music in projects that are related to things that deny science or support extreme political views: e.g. corona deniers or people with right-wing political but also left-wing extremist orientation. Should my music be used in such contexts (even if the associated project is non-commercial !!), I will pursue the matter legally and consider the user's actions as a contractual penalty. In case of doubts feel free to contact me so that we can clarify, if the projects could be such a project.

In addition the unsolicited use of my music for the purpose of a training of Machine Learning AI models or similar techniques is prohibited. For example a commercial license is always tied to a project. Since such a model is likely to have the intention of generating new music, I cannot rule out that similar results from such a model will eventually be used for other commercial projects. For the free CC licenses I prohibit such use accordingly across the board. Please contact me in advance if you intend to train an AI model with my music!

Commercial licence

It is possible to buy a licence with which you can use the music from this archive in commercial projects, if the piece has a commercial licence or the CC-NC addition (bound to the respecting project then). Furthermore with such a commercial licence you do not have to credit me anymore, e.g. if the piece has a licence addition like CC-BY. I tried to set the price for such a licence fair. The licence types are categorized by income of the user or the "using authority" (e.g. if a company is going to use this licence), instead of the scope of application like many other production music archives do it. There are these licence types, while you had to categorize yourself / the using authority to know the price:

0 / track
Still not cheap enough?
Give a reason during the ordering!
15 / track
Gross revenue < 20.000€ / year
or educational / cultural project
40 / track
Gross revenue < 200.000€ / year

100 / track
Gross revenue < 500.000€ / year

250 / track
Gross revenue > 500.000€ / year

Versions of a piece are always included, by the way. Furthermore the licence will extend for new upcoming versions of a piece, as soon as they appear on this archive. So don't forget to subscribe to the "Tagirijus Music" newsletter to be up to date as soon as possible!

In case you want to support me in general, please have a look at this list on the about-page.

Well, now have fun again with this archive! to the archive