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Smooth Vibes Electro Lounge A relaxed track with warm bass and slightly noisy beat. Perfect for use as an unobtrusive background track in videos or as backing to an event. 63 BPM 3:08 min
Alices Impfpflicht Akt Eins Folk Kids A silly mickey mousing piece that I composed to a parlaments speech. Probably fits to nothing else! (o: 122 BPM 1:36 min
Lazy Motion Electro Lounge A cool and relaxed lounge with different solos. Perfect for commercials and explanation movies. 68 BPM 3:10 min
Nightly Occurrence Jazz Jazz combo A calm jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for nightlife and bar. 96 BPM 2:39 min
Put It In The Background Electro Electro funk A locker piece, which spreads coolness. Perfect for explanation movies or cool movie scenes. 88 BPM 2:44 min
Broken Mood Jazz Jazz combo A slightly experimental jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for commercials or kids. 130 BPM 2:48 min
Feelings Are Spooky Jazz Jazz combo A mysterious jazz intro with ghost alike sounds. Perfect as an intro or for mystery. Has one version. 109 BPM 0:52 min
Love Is Delusional Jazz Jazz combo A short jazz intro with a small ensemble and a lonely sound. Perfect for scenes with lovesickness. Has one version. 106 BPM 0:41 min
The Enlightened Jazz Jazz combo A dark jazz with a small ensemble. Perfect for film noir, crime or night life. Has one version. 83 BPM 0:50 min
Stairs Jazz Jazz combo A relaxed jazz with a small ensemble and without drums. It has a slightly melancholic touch. Perfect for explaination videos or web films. Has one version. 114 BPM 1:26 min
My Beloved Friend Jazz Jazz combo A calm jazz piece with a small jazz combo. Dreamy and melancholic it glides its way. Perfect for emotional movie scenes or as an intro / outro for radio plays. Has one version. 92 BPM 1:00 min