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Fresh Approach Electro IDM A crispy electro with partly spherical vibes. It has a soft intro and then starts quite crispy. Perfect for product movies and commercials. 123 BPM 3:20 min
Oinky Electro Experimental A crazy experimental electro with unconventional beat and scratchy bass. Party feeling comes up in the back part. Perfect for party scenes, youth or even streams. 117 BPM 2:52 min
Whatever Electro IDM A rather experimental electro with stumbling beat and different time signature. Perfect for slow but stylish commercials. 82 BPM 2:55 min
Hope Tech Electro Synth-pop A minimalistic electro with emotional and catchy voices. Perfect for corporate movies and documentation. Has one version. 110 BPM 3:32 min
Business Matters Electro Minimal A transparent electro with acoustic guitar. Perfect for technology, corporate and product movie. Has 3 versions. 114 BPM 2:48 min
Hybridia Electro Experimental An unusual electro with minimalistic and emotional sounds. Perfect for technology, documentations or corporate movies. 100 BPM 1:55 min
Feeling In A System Electro IDM An unconventional electro with peculiar sounds. Perfect for style, fashion or technology. Has 3 versions. 73 BPM 2:41 min
Tech Electro IDM A smart electro with minimalistic sounds and guitar. Perfect for technology, documentation or corporate movie. 118 BPM 2:02 min
Drop In Electro House An unsophisticated electro. Very relaxing. Perfect for party and technology. 130 BPM 2:00 min
Few Roughness Electro House A driving electro with punshing beat. Build in audio errors with purpose. Perfect for party or technology. 133 BPM 3:10 min
Bib Electro Minimal A minimalistich yet elaborated electro. Beeping synths together with the pulsating bass and crisp strings provide constant subtle variety. Perfect for computer games or party scenes. 126 BPM 2:19 min
Minimal Necessity Electro IDM A refined minimal electro with short sounds. Later a crisp beat kicks in along with more synths. Perfect for documentaries, podcasts or computer games. 113 BPM 2:39 min
Electric Disappointment Electro Industrial An electro with acoustic piano beginning. An experimental beat starts and suddenly drives the emotional sounding piece. Perfect for documentaries or explanatory films. 108 BPM 2:15 min
Clicky Electro Experimental An experimental electro with short unusual sounds, minimalist beat and cool walking double bass. Perfect for podcasts, web series or explanation movies. 120 BPM 1:20 min
Abstract Worlds Electro Industrial An industrial with unusually technical sounds. From the middle part on, technical sound design and music are cleverly combined. Perfect for technical topics, documentation or podcasts. 88 BPM 3:21 min