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Time Passes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A melancholic orchestral piece with acoustic guitar and dynamic emotional climaxes. Perfect for emotional moments, feature films or trailers. 75 BPM 2:31 min
Modern Elegance Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A piano piece with electric bass and soft electro beat. Perfect for product videos, advertising or science. 78 BPM 1:29 min
Thoughtful Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A quiet piano piece with two pianos and sentimental melody. Perfect for thoughtful movie scenes or quiet parts in documentaries. 90 BPM 3:10 min
Gone Beauty Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A orchestral work with a nebulous sound. Unclear whether it is beautiful or sad. Perfect for dramatic movies. 118 BPM 0:51 min
Demutatio Theme Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An emotional orchestral work that dramatically erupts, drifts and finally comes to climax towards the end. Perfect as an intro for a movie or trailers. 128 BPM 0:47 min
Pure Beauty Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short but beautiful orchestral piece with warm strings that express beauty. Perfect for romantic movie scenes. 104 BPM 0:34 min
Merope Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A pompous orchestral work with many dynamic and different parts. Perfect for feature films. 111 BPM 4:07 min
Karten Main Titles Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A thoughtful and later dramatic orchestral piece with synthethic elements and beat. Perfect for dramatic films or trailers. 98 BPM 4:09 min
Schattenherbst Rock Soft rock A very quiet piece with soft undistorted electric guitar. Emits a melancholic peacefulness. Perfect for sad movie scenes or thoughtful documentaries. 120 BPM 4:21 min
Segmentum Vitae Novus Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A calm and sentimental piano piece, which imparts drabness. Perfect for emotional movie scenes or documentations. 62 BPM 2:31 min
Dismal Hope Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A sentimental orchestral piece with piano and strings. The piece builds up emotionally and makes the listener feel a dismal hope. Perfect for emotional movie scenes or emotional documentations. 90 BPM 1:47 min
Intercultural Feelings Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dynamic piece with piano and strings spreading much warmth. It starts calm und build up very emotionally. Perfect for corporate movies, trailers and family. 124 BPM 5:15 min
Brief Feelings Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short piano piece. Perfect for commercials and corporate movies. 100 BPM 0:51 min
Rule Of Life Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An emotional orchestral piece with a plucked instrument. Perfect for middle ages, fairy tales and scenes filled with hope. 92 BPM 1:51 min
Serious Logo Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A logo with piano and strings. Perfect for corporate design. 84 BPM 0:06 min