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Absturz Jazz Crossover A jazz combo piece with a change to a metal band at the end. Perfect for scenes showing life is going down or nightly scenes in a bar. 145 BPM 1:25 min
Reverie Credits Jazz Crossover A ghostly medley of the soundtrack from Reverie. Perfect for horror. 109 BPM 0:52 min
Rocksynth Rock Crossover A crossover with synthetic beat at the beginning. Then suddenly goes off more with a band, but sounds rather "simple". Perfect for podcasts or web films. 100 BPM 0:55 min
21-02-2013 Rock Crossover A relatively short and wild crossover that seems unruly and jumbled. Perfect for hectic movie scenes or hard podcasts. 188 BPM 1:11 min
22-02-2013 Rock Crossover A first screeching and later meditative crossover with metal sound. Perfect for content that needs a consistent sound. 134 BPM 5:30 min
Durcheinander Rock Crossover A wild crossover rock with dirty electric guitars and wild sound design. Perfect for extreme sports or unconventional experimental scenes. 190 BPM 2:30 min
Metalwave Electro Crossover A crossover of synthwave and metal. Punchy and catchy at the same time. Fits perfect to retro with a fresh modern breeze. 94 BPM 2:46 min
Warmup Electro Crossover A short electro with modern sounds. Perfect for party, youth and commercials. 129 BPM 1:42 min
We Need Money Electro Crossover A hybrid rock, which goes straight forward. Perfect for corporate movies, product movies or commercials. 130 BPM 3:02 min
Visit The Enemy Electro Crossover A dark cinematic electro with deep driving bass. Perfect for mafia and secret mission. 93 BPM 2:01 min
Chipdestroyer Rock Crossover A hard crossover of metal and glitch. Perfect for action, sports and technology. Has 3 versions. 150 BPM 2:15 min
Lofuitar Rock Crossover Adaring crossover of metal and electro. Wanted audio errors push the piece forward. Perfect for sports and action. 166 BPM 1:30 min
Sawman And Son Electro Crossover A creaky electro with synths doubled with distorted electric guitars. Has a very unusual sound. Perfect for podcasts, documentaries or daring product videos. 109 BPM 1:32 min
Confusy Electro Crossover An unusual electro with jumping synths. Later some kind of band is added in a constant buildup. Perfect for podcasts or web series. 143 BPM 2:06 min
Weird Inside The Machine Rock Crossover A hard crossover with jumping synth sounds. After the intro, the metal band kicks in hard. Perfect for podcasts or computer games. 120 BPM 0:56 min