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Exanguis Electro Big beat A slightly gloomy big beat with strings and male choir in the later part. Perfect for computer games or documentaries. 172 BPM 2:16 min
Orbis Asconditus Electro Big beat A cinematic big beat with piano and minimalist beat. Later more and more orchestral instruments are joining. Perfect for backing computer games or documentaries. 143 BPM 2:52 min
Darkness Beating Electro Big beat A dark hybrid-score track with a fat beat and emotional spiccato-strings. Perfect for the next cool and dramatic movie trailer. 114 BPM 1:41 min
The Motivating Upbeat Corporation Electro Big beat An epic upbeat with much energy. Various parts bring in much dynamic. The track is perfect for corporate videos, corporate identity or product movies. Has 4 versions. 127 BPM 2:37 min
Emotional Design Electro Big beat A big beat with piano and strings. Perfect for corporate movies and documentations. 100 BPM 3:15 min
Incertitude Electro Big beat A dramatic big beat with strings and choir. Perfect for trailers. 84 BPM 1:01 min
Resample My Drums Electro Big beat A fully loaded crossover with screaming e-guitars at the end. Perfect for emotional and cinematic movie scenes. 127 BPM 2:18 min
During Flight Electro Big beat An emotional big beat, which shows magnitude. Perfect for a coprorate movie or documentation. Has one version. 102 BPM 2:37 min
Chilling Ride Electro Big beat A driving mix of electro and rock with celestial middle part and reveberated saxophone. Perfect for technology, sports or documentation. 148 BPM 2:08 min
Flycotic Electro Big beat Emotional big beat with piano solo parts. Perfect for emotional film scenes. 78 BPM 6:55 min
Circumstances Electro Big beat Punchy and exciting electro with a harsh sound. Double time in the middle. Perfect for a driving chase scene. 82 BPM 3:00 min
Fast Transaction Electro Big beat A fast big beat with distorted guitars, driving beat and string staccato. Feels very fast and propulsive. Perfect for computer games or streams. 154 BPM 1:06 min