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Freudiges Erwachen Jazz Swing A short big band piece with ongoing tempo increasement. Perfect for scenes with a happy awakening. 91 BPM 0:50 min
Endstation Jazz Swing A short big band piece, which starts alive and ends thoughtful. Perfect for commecials or dynamic movie scenes. 178 BPM 0:46 min
Short Breakbeat Vibes Electro Breakbeat A short snappy breakbeat with fast guitar riff and cool bright synths. Perfect for podcasts and streams with youthful themes. 124 BPM 0:46 min
Saddle Up Pop Country A classic country piece with steel corded guitars and a catchy melody. Lets you think of cowboys and the wild west immediately. Perfect for commercials or explanation clips. Has 5 versions. 93 BPM 2:45 min
Mice Jazz Swing A smart big band piece with many alternating voices. Perfect for cartoon and kids. 124 BPM 3:21 min
Pop It Electro Synth-pop An electro-pop with clean e-guitars and catchy melody. Perfect for summer, holidays and sports. Has one version. 144 BPM 2:48 min
Put It In The Background Electro Electro funk A locker piece, which spreads coolness. Perfect for explanation movies or cool movie scenes. 88 BPM 2:44 min
Pariso Jazz Dixieland Cliched music piece, which reminds of paris. Smart with a whistle solo. Later the voices overlap. Perfect for travel movies. 123 BPM 1:59 min
Positive Vibes Electro Breakbeat A cheerful electro with bright sounds. Later vocals and electric guitars are added. Spreads good mood. Perfect for streams or party movie scenes. 136 BPM 2:32 min