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Time Passes Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A melancholic orchestral piece with acoustic guitar and dynamic emotional climaxes. Perfect for emotional moments, feature films or trailers. 75 BPM 2:31 min
Hoher Besuch Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack The German national anthem muddled by the orchestra. Perfect for comedic scenes or trailers. 124 BPM 2:24 min
Und seine Macht Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short brisk orchestral piece that suddenly races off with percussion. Perfect for dynamic and exciting film scenes. 148 BPM 0:51 min
Abschied Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral work that seems pompous at first, but then has many quiet dynamic and melancholy passages towards the end. Perfect for ironic scenes. 124 BPM 2:18 min
Verissimus Erus 05 Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dark work with spooky sounds and huge orchestra and choir. Perfect for ominous movie scenes or adventure themes. 92 BPM 2:51 min
Ita Brevis Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A gentle orchestral work that later becomes more pompous and almost heroic. Perfect for adventure or fantasy. 115 BPM 1:46 min
Karten Main Titles Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A thoughtful and later dramatic orchestral piece with synthethic elements and beat. Perfect for dramatic films or trailers. 98 BPM 4:09 min
Summon The Beast Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A creepy ominous orchestral piece with various shock moments. It advances like a monster. Perfect for horror movies or generally exciting movie scenes. 140 BPM 1:22 min
Viaticus Brevis Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A hopeful orchestral piece that starts quietly and then picks up speed. Perfect for evening adventure movies or computer games. 115 BPM 1:46 min
Western Hero Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A classic western soundtrack with acoustic guitar and harmonica along with large orchestra. Perfect for western movies, cowboys or trailers. 140 BPM 3:12 min
Future Bass Fun Electro Future bas An epic future bass with big percussions and a nice beat. Perfect for product movies and sports. 148 BPM 2:16 min
Rule Of Life Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An emotional orchestral piece with a plucked instrument. Perfect for middle ages, fairy tales and scenes filled with hope. 92 BPM 1:51 min
Mice Jazz Swing A smart big band piece with many alternating voices. Perfect for cartoon and kids. 124 BPM 3:21 min
Connections Pop Classical A thoughtful big beat with piano and strings. Spreads hope very well. Perfect for corporate movies and documentations. 68 BPM 4:34 min
Tricky Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short orchestral piece with playful voices. Perfect for kids or fairy tales. 116 BPM 1:00 min