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Und seine Macht Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A short brisk orchestral piece that suddenly races off with percussion. Perfect for dynamic and exciting film scenes. 148 BPM 0:51 min
More Dramatic Interlude Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very short orchestral entry with dramatic strings. Is a bit more brisk. Perfect for use as music for a transition. 123 BPM 0:10 min
Frightening Machine Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A gloomy hybrid-score with atmospheric dark sounds and sudden bursting orchestral passages, in which the brass is raging. The piece is extremely dynamic and fits perfect into the next movie scene or trailers. 123 BPM 2:27 min
Smooth Halloween Electro Hip hop A simple hip hop with a cool halloween touch. Perfect for the halloween and spooky time! Has one version. 89 BPM 2:35 min
Gives Me Creeps Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A short and dark orchestral piece with driving and banging big percussions and an odd time signature. Perfect for movie trailers or chasing movie scenes. 124 BPM 1:12 min
Monster Of Depth Rock Metal An aggressive and emotional metal track with deep guitars and a furious drums. The piece has dynamic passages and can be cut easily to fit any scene. Perfect for sports, movie trailers and action. 128 BPM 3:13 min
Evil Passion Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A rather experimental cinematic piece with strings and percussion only; nothing else! Very gloomy and odd in tune and with a very high dynamic range. Perfect for movie scenes, trailers and drama. 100 BPM 2:32 min
Dark Tease Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A short orchestral piece with a dramatic climax at the end. Perfect for trailers or teasers. 109 BPM 0:45 min
Synthetic Thunder Mood Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A gloomy orchestral piece with hybrid elements. It explodes drivingly at the end. Perfect for trailers and horror. 94 BPM 1:33 min
Mysterious Cave Dwellers Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dynamic orchestra piece with varied parts. Perfect for adventure or fantasy movies. 131 BPM 3:12 min
Chipdestroyer Rock Crossover A hard crossover of metal and glitch. Perfect for action, sports and technology. Has 3 versions. 150 BPM 2:15 min
Rising A Giant Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral piece with a change from bright to dark. A constant build up which gets pompous. Perfect for trailer, adventure and fantasy. 154 BPM 1:21 min