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Nightmares Unfold Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A creepy orchestral piece that builds up more and more until it reaches raging percussion and then calms again. Perfect for horror movies or radio plays. 54 BPM 2:52 min
Enigmatic Facts Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A mysterious and very minimalistic piano piece with abandoned sound. Perfect for enigmatic film scenes or investigative documentaries. Has one version. 120 BPM 1:43 min
Chainsaw Usage Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A fast-paced orchestral piece with chainsaw, electronic beat, screaming brass and driving strings. Perfect for slasher movies or dramatic suspense scenes. 109 BPM 1:54 min
Dark Matter Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A cinematic dark piece with pulsating synth bass and fat driving hybrid percussions. Perfect for mysterie and horror movies or intense game shows. Has 3 versions. 110 BPM 2:09 min
Summon The Beast Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A creepy ominous orchestral piece with various shock moments. It advances like a monster. Perfect for horror movies or generally exciting movie scenes. 140 BPM 1:22 min
Dark Credits Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A dark hybrid-score, which spreads insecurity and unease. The parts are slightly dynamic yet uniform and spherical overall. Perfect as a music track for credits after a movie or computer game, or as a backing track in a documentation movie. 122 BPM 2:40 min
Temporal Anomaly Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A dark and atonal sounding orchestral piece. A clunky and volatile sound makes the listener uneasy. Perfect for mystery and horror. 162 BPM 3:31 min
Concealed Facility Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A mysterious orchestral piece. Dark and creepy tones makes the listener uneasy, while generating curiosity at the same time. perfect for horror- or mystery movies. 97 BPM 3:14 min
Threatening Darkness Soundtrack Modern soundtrack A threatening, dark orchestral piece with many dramatic instrument effects and synthetic elements. Perfect for horror movies, mystery or suspensful documentations. 134 BPM 3:01 min
Torn Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An unconventional orchestral piece with an atonal sound. Big and weird at the same time. Perfect for horror movies. 160 BPM 0:29 min
Night Theft Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A very quiet orchestral work with an almost meditative dark atmosphere. Perfect for nocturnal film scenes, documentaries or as a soft background music in radio plays. 112 BPM 1:20 min
Another Chase Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack A driving orchestral piece with raging percussion. Perfect for trailers or action scenes. 165 BPM 1:18 min
It's All Dusty Soundtrack Classic Soundtrack An orchestral piece with very dark sounds and clusters. Perfect for a trailer for a horror movie. Has one version. 115 BPM 1:31 min